People are freezing to death in Florida without exposure to frigid temperatures. A doctor and an  off-duty sheriff detective race to discover a cause before it chooses other victims.

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Ashes of Death is a 66,000-word medical thriller published by Rogue Phoenix Press April 1, 2022. A retired sheriff detective, Mark McKinney and his wife, Sherry, a retired emergency room physician, seek out answers to spontaneous human combustion of an elderly couple in a retirement community. The two sleuths find Edna and Carl Parker in their bed as a silhouette of ashes. They're taken into dangerous and unpredictable scenarios trying to solve this medical phenomenon. Unsuspecting evilness tries to prevent our sleuths from completing their investigation. Can the medical sleuths solve the mystery before ashes of death takes them?


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People in Ocala, a small city in Florida, face an epidemic of sudden blindness. An ER doctor and his wife, a high school science teacher, race to discover the cause of this medical aberration.​​


Completed Whispers Before Death (Book One of Death Agents), a medical thriller, supernatural novel, scheduled for publication Nov. 15, 2019 by Rogue Phoenix Press. Several mysterious and unsolved deaths at different locations in Ocala, Florida occur at 11:58am. The newly formed Federal Medical Investigators, who’s agents possess ESP abilities, supernatural powers, race to solve these mysterious deaths.


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Honorable Mention for the short story Guiding Spirit  in Not So Cynical Christmas Contest 2008.

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Honorable Mention for the short story The Power of Hope in Not So Cynical

Christmas Contest 2007.

Completed Deadly Seizures (Book 2 Death Agents/Trilogy),a medical thriller/supernatural novel scheduled for publication by Rogue Phoenix Press on September 15, 2020.

​​​I graduated from Wayne State University with a secondary education degree in Unified Science and a minor in English. I then graduated from University of Detroit-Mercy with a Physician Assistant degree. My Life experiences and an overactive imagination motivates my passion for writing. My favorite authors include Tess Gerritsen, Robin Cook and several Rogue Phoenix Press authors. Rogue Phoenix Press has published eight medical thriller/ mystery/suspense novels: Frozen Death (2009), Sudden Blindness (2014), Strange Appearance (2016), Strange (June 15, 2018). Whispers Before Death-Book 1 of Death Agents (Nov. 2019) Deadly Seizures-Book 2 Death

Agents (Sept. 2020) Deadly Unknowns-Book 3 Death Agents (Feb. 2021). Ashes of Death (April. 2022) And a collage of short stories, The Strange Horizon (2017). I live in Florida with my wife, Holly.

The Strange Horizon ranges from stories less than a hundred words to over four thousand words. There isn’t any profanity, gore or sexual innuendo in any of the short stories. The genre varies from mystery, suspense, contemporary, horror, science fiction and fantasy. You may smile, chuckle, express a tear or two, feel a sudden chill or feel a warmth at the end of the story. Emotions are in the mind of the reader and the heart cuddles or rejects those emotions.

​Hi. My name is Greg Didaleusky

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Completed Ashes of Death, a medical thriller novel. Published 4-1-2022 by Rogue Phoenix Press. Entered book cover at AllAuthor Book Cover Contest April 1, 2022. 267 book covers entered. I made it to the 2nd round, 55th out of 100 book covers. To vote for my book cover: I didn't make it through round 3. Thanks for participating.

The Federal Medical Investigators, a division of CDC, continue their search for answers of unsolved medical deaths in the United States. The FMI agents are invited to Virginia Beach upon the request of Future Innovations Today for DNA evaluations for the purpose of discovering the gene responsible for their ESP abilities. They are also put through a battery of various brain scans. Pending F.I.T.'s test results, Agent Simon Woods, Agent Janet Bennett and the FMI agents are sent to Pine Bluff, Arkansas to unravel the unexplained deaths of five people over the past several days. The victims became deaf, then mute, then blind before taking their last breath. The FMI agents may face the Grim Reaper due to the evil intentions of The Circle toward the agents.

Completed Deadly Unknowns (Book Three of Death Agents), a medical thriller, supernatural novel, scheduled for publication Feb. 2021 by Rogue Phoenix Press.

Whispers Before Death is the first book in the series called Death Agents. Agents of the newly formed Federal Medical Investigators (FMI) investigate mysterious and unsolved medical related deaths. Each agent possesses ESP abilities and supernatural powers, helping them solve medical mysteries throughout the United States. Their newest case takes them to Ocala, Florida where eight people throughout the city die at exactly eleven fifty-eight a.m. Each victim whispers something before suddenly dying. No one hears what they’re saying. A Marion County Sheriff Detective, Janet Bennett, is recruited to assist the agents. An immediate friendship develops between F.M.I.’s chief investigator, Simon Woods, M.D. and Detective Bennett. The FMI team and Janet frantically seek out answers to these mysterious deaths before deadly evil reaches out toward others, including them.   

Frightening dreams night after night are afflicting the chief of pediatrics, Adam Stafford, at Ocala Regional Medical Center. Will there be a conclusion of his dreams or will he succumb to a death spiral before he can awake? At ORMC, Adam attempts to understand why deathbed children on the pediatric floor at ORMC have awakened cured without any medical explanation. In a near-by town, an archeologist, Lisa Douglas, is searching for the meaning of ancient hieroglyphs on various Mayan relics recently discovered in a cave along Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. There seems to be a possibility that all these scenarios are intertwined with a twelve-year-old male patient, Arius Turner, at Ocala Regional Medical Center.

​​​​​​​​Two hairless teenage bodies are found dead with ritual-type masks on their face in Ocala National Forest. A fourth-year medical student and a pathologist's assistant join together to solve these mysterious deaths. Evil is waiting for them in the forest.


Deadly Seizures is the second book in the series called Death Agents. The mission of the Federal Medical Investigators (FMI) agents is to investigate unsolved medical related deaths in the United States. Each of the agents have their own unique supernatural, ESP powers and together they search for the cause of these unsolved deaths. The agents' newest case is in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania where six cave explorers die mysteriously inside a cave. Chief agent, Simon Woods, M.D., Agent Janet Bennett, newly acquired former Marion County Sheriff Detective and the rest of the FMI agents search for the cause of the cavers' deaths before other people die…including them. Hidden amorous feelings between Simon and Janet intertwines with potential death-defying events leading to an unexpected climatic ending.  


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3rd Place for the short story A Kind Heart  in Seventh Annual Not So Cynical Christmas Contest 2010.



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